Contract management


Whether you need to develop an effective service level agreement or create an efficient invoice review process, our experts are ready to assist. 

Contract management

Business coaching


We aim to unlock potentials and build skills, confidence, and experience in business owners to close gaps and maximize business effectiveness. 

Project management solutions

Project management


From planning to controlling, executing, and delivering projects, we have established ourselves as experts in providing project management services to all our clients.

Business coaching and mentoring

Exceptional, Top Class Business Management, and Consulting Services


From our extensive and hands-on experience in a wide variety of industries, we have remained at the forefront of providing businesses with much-needed well-thought-out advice regarding the most important opportunities. Apart from that, we are also relevant in that we provide practical strategies for overcoming threats.



Whether you require assessments, implementation, or managing projects, Shongwe Business Solution has continued to blaze the trail in helping agencies and businesses create improvement within their organizations. We are always committed to understanding every company that we service.

What we offer


We provide our services across diverse sectors ranging from Project Management, Business Development, and Contract Management to Business Coaching and Mentoring, Business Consulting, Total Quality Management.

Our services


Our services at Shongwe Business Solutions have continued to establish that we are the best in providing excellent business management solutions and consultancy services. We have assisted many businesses to understand and prosper through the highs and the lows of their business across a wide range of industries.

Our services

Business consulting services

We are South African based Project Management, Civil, Geotechnical, and Business Consulting Company. Our aim at Shongwe Business Solution is to ensure that every business achieves its primary objectives, which is sustainable growth. That is why we collaborate with coaches and business consultants to help you manoeuvre the common bottlenecks while aiming at helping you reach your business goals faster. We are passionate about providing the best guidance and expertise to guide our customers and clients in their business planning, design, and execution of effective business strategies.


Shongwe Business Solutions has been exceptional in our giant stride to improve our clients' and customers' focus and accountability. Our unique services are aimed at providing a perfect blend of business solutions and consultancy services. We know that attaining success in any business lies in the hard work of the business owners, coupled with dynamic business management strategies and policies. Our professionals and experts are well-trained to assist you in your business management problems.

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We work 24 hours, 7 days to help your business boost its communication, productivity, efficiency, growth, and success.